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Is it there?

This being the constant thinking of one who cares..

What you see in someone can sometimes turn out to be so rare

Once your heart aligns with vision an inevitable sudden flare

What you thought you wanted could be what you need

Even if wanting it so bad, inwardly makes you bleed

Does one wanting what they can not have from self count as a tease?

You come to the conclusion that it is ever purposeless to continue, so choices arise to cease

If ceased, the assumptions that arise understandably are that it exist to be no more

Your expectancy is that the want falls to the floor?

Often, the desire for something you need overrides what is already here

Thus leaving want hanging in the air

So what happens to want when not fulfilled? Does it pretend to take the lead

Does it become disengaged off the feed of having, becoming disguised in the form of need?

In its mere occurrence, the answer seems to be lacking

We often forget, need can turn into want for the sake of having, often times making it harder to receive.

So truly we ask in confidence without fear of judgment or truth in understanding…

Do you need to want or want to need?



Write Nik…

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The last couple of years I’ve seen some change in my life. The one change i didn’t see that I would’ve liked is the exposure of certain writings that I’ve done. Over the next couple of months i definitely will be publishing some of these writings that I’ve done simply for my satisfaction. It is not something that warrants a comment or anything that you are obligated to like. These arts, which are in writing form, are simply for me to put out because i frankly don’t need to see them waste away in a book. The writing is in rough draft form and may not always be perfect. The wording sometimes may seem like child’s play but what can i say, i was a kid once not to long ago before i had my own angel. So all in all, expect to see some of those pretty soon starting tomorrow actually with the first one.

Keep your eyes & ears open…

Saving Your Embarrasment

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It has always been my belief that there are in fact more men today who don’t get the hint that woman are human beings rather then medium rare steaks. Some of you look surprised and un-sure of what i am saying but, it’s true , woman really do receive the un-orthodoxed flirtatious “pimp game” that some of the young “90’s” baby males give out. What is it that you’re saying Nicholas? Well for instance YOU (90’s babies) see a young lady…you approach her…without thinking, you strike her in the face with the “Baby, are you tired? cause you been running through my mind allllllll day” pick-up line. If this sounds familiar, YOU need help because most likely, you’ve used this line…this is you. Now i must say i am not here to tell you what to do or even act as the Head Pimp Master of Pimp-a-dum or for that matter, an expert on woman period in any way. I must say whether its me, who shot Jon or drunk uncle willie, somebody needs to help you. In order for me to help you, you need to remember the following key things that i tell you. These things are very simple and not to mention in random order lol. Now these are MY ideas of  “Woman”…pay attention:

1.Woman like to be strategically chased, not harassed. (give it some time “What is meant to be will be”)

2. Woman appreciate compliments not predator-ish pick up lines

3. Woman take baths, YOU should too (clean clothes help)

4. Woman are fragile (…but not weak) so they should not receive the same greeting you would give to Big Mo.

5. Woman actually care even when they say they don’t

6. Woman DONT want tongue down the esophagus on the first, second or third encounter (unless she freaky then go 4 it lol)

7. To woman, your word IS your bond (meaning if you say it, really do it)

8. Woman will always surprise you at who they DON’T pick in the end so be yourself…

9. Woman like to be called the 3B’s (baby, babe, beautiful) notice that Bitch is not in there. 😉

10. Woman don’t want to hear what sounds good, they want to hear that you’ve been listening.

…& These 10 things are what i think of Woman. Now there are many more things that could’ve been added but in my opinion, these are the key things you “90’s” babies do wrong. Your listening span is the size of a carrot and your ego is the size of Precious!…Jot these things down and put them in your back pocket for keep sake. You never know, one of these days you may actually get that girl who sits in the third chair to the left of the back door to give you her number.

Be hopeful, not desperate!